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Survivors of Domestic Abuse Relief Anthology

Howdy, folks! Just wanted to say one of my short stories, "Emma Ryder," will be included in the Survivors of Domestic Abuse Relief Anthology! :D The anticipated publication date is the 27th of November. Later, I'll update with links/details on how to order a copy for yourself.

Here's the official list of authors whose stories will be in the anthology:

Jennifer Dawson
Linda Wisniewski
Lauren Shapiro
Kim M. Baker
O. Chandler Crook
Colleen Shaddox
Changming Yuan
Heather Vann
Noelle Dunn
Adetokunbo Abiola
Judith Armbruster
Cinthia Ritchie
Richie Swanson
Glenda Barrett
Basanta kumar kar
Shura Young
Laura Madeline Wiseman
Jenny Root
Eliza Kelley
Jay Mouton
Sharon Bassett
Deanna Perchyshyn
Joya Mannan
Y.Y. Patish
M. Leitch

Congratulations to us all! ;D
jack kerouac

Cornstalk Gypsies: The Iowa Flood Relief Anthology

Back cover/Front cover; My name's fifth on the list! :D

Cornstalk Gypsies: The Iowa Flood Relief Anthology, a 230-page science-fiction/fantasy anthology, is finally available! Click here to purchase a paperback copy for $13.00 (plus shipping) or a digital PDF copy for $4.95.

My story, "A Spell of Winter," is in the anthology. It features a dwarf, a crazy swarm of fairies, and a couple humans (for good measure)!

Most importantly, though, 100% of the proceeds from this anthology will go towards relief of individuals, businesses, cities, and schools affected by the 2008 summer floods in Iowa. So, if you buy this anthology, every cent of your money will be helping people!

Please feel free to pimp the anthology on your own journals, too. Not only because my story's published in it, but because every copy sold will help victims of the Iowa floods!

What're you waiting for? Click here to purchase the anthology! :D
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"A Spell of Winter"

My short story, "A Spell of Winter," will be included in the Iowa anthology! :)

I'll post more when I know how you can buy a copy of the anthology, should you be interested. All I know so far is that all proceeds will be used for flood relief in Iowa.
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